What is an Adjustment?


 At Back In Alignment Chiropractic, Dr. Wilcox provides you with high-quality, affordable chiropractic care, and wants you to understand each procedure so you can feel comfortable. One of the more common terms used in chiropractic care is the term “adjustment.” But what is an adjustment?

When you’re told that you need “an adjustment,” you’re being told that a joint, typically in the spine, has become restricted in its normal movement, (called hypomobile), and needs to be corrected to restore its normal mobility.  The adjustment itself is a method of chiropractic correction where the chiropractor exerts a precise force onto the restricted joint, manipulating them into their natural position so they can move properly.

An adjustment can be delivered by hand, or by specially designed chiropractic instruments, depending on the type of correction needed. Dr. Wilcox primarily uses a technique called diversified; however, he has been trained in many chiropractic techniques.  The style of adjustment may change based on each chiropractic case to achieve optimal results.  

How does the Chiropractor determine the type of adjustment needed?

Dr. Wilcox will sit down and discuss any particular ailments that have been troubling you, and complete a full examination of your spine to determine the method of treatment needed.

In some cases, patients may be experiencing repeated numbness of the fingers or a tingling sensation,  but the root of the problem lies within the alignment of their neck. Other times, our patients experience frequent and painful headaches, and it is discovered that the issue lies with the alignment of the skull in relation to the neck.  By evaluating each patient on a case-by-case basis, Dr. Wilcox is confident that we can deliver the results you seek with optimum precision.

Is it possible to give myself an adjustment?

In order to safely and effectively receive the results of a professional-level adjustment, you have to get the adjustment from a professional chiropractor, such as Dr. Wilcox.
While it may seem easy to twist, turn, and bend your back, it is impossible to give yourself the same quality of adjustment as delivered by a chiropractor. An adjustment requires precise force to be effective, and you just simply can’t deliver the appropriate and safe amount of force yourself. In fact, the popping and cracking sound that you hear when you try to do the job yourself may be causing additional unsteadiness in your spine.