Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise and proper stretches are a vital part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.  Based on the needs of each patient, Dr. Wilcox will provide you with a set of easy to do stretches and exercises tailored for your specific source of pain and fitness level.  This rehabilitation can be done in the comfort of your own home and has been shown to decrease pain.  Exercise and stretching are typically beneficial in helping to reduce pain levels more quickly and improve the healing process.

What is exercise rehabilitation?

san-antonio-exercise-rehabilitationRehabilitation is a treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible.  Exercise is one of the most commonly used forms of rehabilitation.  Exercises may be performed by the patient alone or with the health care professional’s assistance.  Additionally, therapeutic stretching of the injured regions may be employed to speed recovery time.
If you do have a limitation on your exercise or mobility   caused by an old injury, or from back, shoulder or neck pain, we can help you prevent further injury with balanced chiropractic and exercise techniques. After all, physical activity is important to getting your body back into action, but aggravating an injury won’t help. You have to make sure that you exert yourself in a safe and healthy manner.
Part of effectively rehabilitating your body post-injury is putting your body safely to work, both physically and mentally. Success is never instantaneous when it comes to healing, but you’ll see over the course of a few visits that you’re getting more movement and less pain out of your rehabilitated injury.

Benefits of exercise therapy can include:

•    Improving your overall psychological well-being
•    Improving your overall body image
•    Improving your cardiovascular endurance
•    Improving and enhancing your quality of life