Back Pain Treatment

One of the more common reasons for patients to  visit our San Antonio chiropractic office is to relieve back pain. Dr. Wilcox is one of the top back-pain chiropractors in the area, and can help determine what is triggering the pain, and effectively correct it.

What can cause back pain?

back-pain-san-antonioBack pain can be caused by a variety of different source; from injuries, accidents, and improper lifting to genetic factors, work requirements, disc problems, stress, over-exertion or hours spent at a computer.  These examples represent a few of the more common causes of pain; however, a chiropractic evaluation is the best way to know the proper treatment for each individual situation.  Whatever the cause, pain is a daily challenge in too many people’s lives.  With chiropractic care within easy reach the question is… why live with the pain?

  • Accidents and Strains- Have you ever moved something or twisted the wrong way and felt your back “go out”.  That pain can be caused by muscle strains and misaligned vertebrae.
  • Disc Injuries- Two common disc problems are a disc bulge or disc herniation.  The “disc” is a cushion in between each of the vertebrae of your back which acts as a shock absorber when you move.  Problems can occur when part of the disc either bulges or herniates out of its usual space and presses or comes close to the nerves.   Pain can result even if the disc is not actually compressing the nerve but comes in close proximity.  Regular chiropractic care has worked well for many patients to relieve much of this pain.
  • Sports- While maintaining an active lifestyle including regular workouts and weightlifting, many strains and stresses are placed on the body.  These strains, if not properly treated, can lead to unwanted pain and improper body mechanics over time.  As an addition to your regular workouts we strongly urge that you include regular chiropractic care to ensure good joint function and reduced stress on your body insuring optimal physical fitness.
  • Ergonomics and body mechanics- Are hours of sitting at a computer hurting your back?  How about the pain you feel when you get a tension headache?  After hours of sitting in even the best designed chairs, the discs of the spine can become compressed, and muscles shorten. This may lead to an irritation of the nerves of the low back.

These are just a few examples of the issues that can be helped with regular chiropractic care.

What chiropractic solutions are available for back pain?

Back in Alignment Chiropractic offers a variety of solutions available to ease and eliminate the pain in your back.  Each is based on well-established techniques and has been practiced by Dr. Wilcox for over a decade, with excellent results.

  • Complete patient evaluation and a pain history analysis
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Rehabilitation through exercise
  • X-Rays
  • MRI and CT scan referrals (if needed)
  • Myotherapy for muscular pain