Shoulder/Neck Pain Treatment

If you are experiencing neck or shoulder pain, you should visit Back in Alignment Chiropractic for a consultation with Dr. Wilcox. He can help to identify the source of the pain and map out a customized course of treatment to relieve your shoulder and neck pain.

What can cause shoulder pain and neck pain?

san-antonio-neck-painThere are numerous conditions that can cause neck and shoulder pain.  Some of the more common causes of neck pain are trauma, overuse, strained muscles, disc injuries, and even poor posture.

  • Trauma, whether caused by car accident or sports injury, can cause tearing of the muscles that help support the weight of the head.  (Remember that the definition of a strain is a tearing of a muscle or tendon.)
  • Disc injuries such a bulging, protrusion, or herniation may cause one to feel a tingling or numbness into the arm and hand.
  • Poor posture, such as staring at a computer screen, over a prolonged period of time, may cause tightening of the muscles of the neck and shoulder region.

Shoulder pain can be caused from a number of everyday activities. From throwing a ball to gardening, to home decorating, raising your hands above the head frequently, and even working at a desk, pain can present from many different forces placed on your body.  Sports related injuries are a common cause of shoulder pain.  In this instance, the rotator cuff muscles can be strained from overuse or overexertion.

In other, more rare instances, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, or tumors may be the underlying causes of the pain.

What chiropractic solutions are available for neck pain and shoulder pain?

At Back in Alignment Chiropractic we offer a wide variety of solutions to ease and eliminate pain, based on techniques that have been well-researched and practiced.

  • Complete patient evaluation with X-Rays, and a pain history analysis
  • Chiropractic Alignment
  • Rehabilitation through exercise
  • MRI and CT scan referrals (if needed)